Comparison of Access of Resources Between the Chesapeake Bay and Peru

Surprisingly, there are many similarities and differences with Peru and the Chesapeake Bay. My project topic group relates to access of materials, products, or resources. In our travels, I have come across the comparison that the man made island of Punta San Juan deals with the same problems and hardships of Smith Island in the Chesapeake Bay.

Punta San Juan is a refuge for animals such as guano birds, fur seals, and Humboldt penguins. The CSA created a wall, a barrier, to keep people out of the reserve. The reserve is a breeding ground especially for guano birds. The guano is an important part of Peru’s economy. Because of the man made barrier, it is hard for anyone besides the guano harvesters to get into the reserve. In a sense, Punta San Juan consists as an Island because it is hard to access.

In return, there are actual islands in the Chesapeake Bay. Smith island is a tiny island that not only focuses on their culture, but it is hard to access. This limited access in a way enforces the culture of smith island, yet it also makes the resources valuable. The crabbers on smith island are soft crabbers and their wives and other women in the town pick the crabs.

Because punta San Juan and smith island are considered islands it is difficult to access the resources. The difference between these two are that one is man made while the other is natural.


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